We are an online trading house, which made one’s business to offer selected products and articles in a goal-oriented manner to prospective buyers worldwide. For each product or product group, a Web-shop adapted to the needs and requirements is created and distributed worldwide.

The web-shops are characterised by the fact that users are not confronted with a crowded assortment or numerous advertisements. They focus on a clear structure and only include products in the corresponding range after careful selection. With this business concept is created a new modell of the web-shops.

We attach great importance to reliable and punctual delivery, but also to an excellent quality. In providing our regular intensive market analysis, we have always up-to-date with the most popular trend products in focus and provide exceptionally trend products to a excellent price.What are you waiting for? Browse our range and find your right trend products! Our team is to you at any time with question at the disposal. 


Cooperation between Pierre Louis and Samtex 

“Combination tradition with innovation has always been the cornerstone of our success as a company.“ Under this slogan operate the team from Pierre and Samtex as a team for the realisation of high quality cashmere styles. Samtex is proud to share a success story which is based on long-standing relationships with the customers and with experienced knitwear manufactures in Inner Mongolia.
Daily contact with the Chinese factory regular monthly vistis are natural fort he partner from Pierre Louis. The team from Pierre Louis and Samtex design, produce and deliver premium knitwear from cashmere, blended cashmere and other finest quality fibres. Creating collections or being responsible for the production process, nationally or internationally: Pierre Louis and Samtex are dedicated to always operate flexibly and economically.
To facilitate this, Samtex work with a competent team and cooperate closely with skilled craftsmen: designers, technicians, sales professionals and of cousre knitwear experts, Efficient teamwork across different countries is a key factor in developing producing and delivering products tot he highest quality standards. For 35 years, this has been and will remain our company’s core value.